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Read what patients say about Dr. Laura Reed, O.D. and their experience at Artistic Cosmetic Solutions:

“Hi Dr. Reed, just wanted to write telling you how happy I am with my eyebrows—they look great even after one night! I can't wait to see how they heal because I already love them so much! Thank you for giving me pretty eyebrows for the first time in my life, I'll call you as soon as they heal and come in for a possible touch up! Thanks again.” –Lauren R., Student

“You did a great job on my eyebrows—I love them. They have healed great and the color seems perfect to me. My daughter also loved them. When she came over for Mother's Day, it was the first thing she saw and mentioned when she walked in. Later, two more times she said, "I can't believe how great your eyebrows look. They make your eyes so much bigger." Mission accomplished!!! My husband also likes them and I think everyone else will be impressed with your work. Thank you so much. I will highly recommend you to my friends and students.” —Patty S., Professional Dance Instructor

“Hi Dr. Reed, just had to write and tell you again - I LOVE my eyebrows! Thank you, thank you and thank you! –Leslie M., Registered Nurse

Posted online review (Merchant Circle):
“I just had my eyebrows done by Dr. Laura Reed. The procedure was painless - I actually fell asleep! My eyebrows look great - I am really delighted. Dr. Reed was wonderful - very professional, explained everything, calming, gentle and attentive to every detail. My eyebrows "fit" my face - they don't look like everyone else's. Now I am thinking about permanent eyeliner!” –Leslie M.

“Hi Dr. Laura, you did my eyebrows a little over one month ago and they’ve turned out beautiful. I absolutely love them, you were brilliant, really. I couldn’t have gotten better, thank you so much.” –Lindsey M., Customer Service Representative

Posted online review (Yelp):
“Dr. Laura Reed is fabulous!! In my search for the right artist to tattoo my eyebrows, I researched and consulted a number of permanent makeup specialists. Hesitant and scared, (permanent makeup on my face!), I needed to make sure I found someone whom I could trust and rely on for such an important task. After asking around, researching, and consulting, I chose Dr. Reed for the task. Patient, kind, and down to earth, she worked with me on shaping and color for my eyebrows to make sure I was comfortable and happy. I have heard the horror stories of rushed jobs, regrets, and the expensive fix procedures that followed, but not here!! I couldn't be happier with my eyebrows!!! I absolutely love them!! After 20 years of penciling in my brows and a bad tattoo job 5 years ago, I am now so elated with the wonderful job she did. I was surprised that no one had posted her business up. I'm not an avid yelper but I wanted to spread good work. If you are thinking about permanent makeup, go in for a consult. You will see why I chose her.” –Cathy F., English Teacher

Eyebrows and Eyeliner
“I absolutely love my makeup! It's been two days and it looks incredible! Thank you so much for your careful, tender care! You are very talented and I'm hoping to refer some business your way! Best regards,” --Deborah R., Owner of Floral Business

Posted online review (Yelp):
“Dr. Reed provides exceptional service. I have researched several permanent cosmetic artists; however, Dr. Reed is the only artist I have found who is also a licensed optometrist and, therefore, is your safest bet. Her work is beautiful and I will continue to visit her for future applications. My eyebrows look extremely natural and my permanent eyeliner looks sexy and saves me a considerable amount of time in the morning. For the first time in my life I have received compliments for my eyebrows and my eyeliner. I encourage all women to visit this wonderful doctor as you will leave extremely pleased!” –Alicia A., Law Enforcement

“Dr. Laura, you are truly amazing. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. Attached is a letter of recommendation.” –Randi W., Math Teacher

        Recommendation Letter:
        “Dear Dr. Reed, Thank you for my beautiful new eyebrows and eyeliner. I feel so fortunate to have found you. Your medical and artistic expertise are unsurpassed. Anybody considering permanent make-up should give themselves the gift of your unique talents. You are truly a professional extraordinaire. Gratefully yours, Randie W.

“Dear Dr. Reed, I want to thank you so much for my beautiful eyeliner. It is just what I wanted. The minute my sister saw me, she noticed and said I looked fantastic. She loves wearing eyeliner even more than me, so she will definitely be giving you a call. Thank you again.” –Janice S.

“Dr. Laura, I’m so excited about my eyeliner, I just love it! It makes my eyes “pop.” I was amazed at how it really didn’t hurt, I’ve told all my friends. It’s so great to wake up with makeup, you’re the best!” –Sarah B., IT Specialist

“Hi Dr. Reed, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my eyeliner. You did a beautiful job and I’m very, very happy with my results. Thank you again.” –Laura S., Public Relations

permanent makeup testimonials
Debbie and Lauren (mom and daughter above) enjoyed Dr. Reed's
permanent eyebrows and eyeliner on an Alaskan cruise.

Eyelash Enhancement
“Hi Dr. Laura Reed, I had my first appointment a few weeks ago and I love my eyes. By the way, I’m showing everybody and my mom wants to do it too. Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and thank you so much for such an enhancement to my life. I really wish I had known about this procedure sooner.” –Jolie K.

“My eyelash enhancement healed really well. It’s absolutely beautiful, I’m so happy with it. I also have a friend who would like a consult. Thanks again,” --Brenda T., Librarian

“I wanted a way to make my eyes look larger without looking like I had eyeliner on—this was it! The day it was done my wife saw the ointment but otherwise said she wouldn’t have known. You applied just the right amount of color to make my eyes look great and I also look younger, thank you. –John K., Physician

Eyeliner and Lip Color
“Since I had my permanent lip color and eyeliner done, I've saved so much time in my busy schedule. This was a great decision because I have four kids. My doctor Laura was so professional and very reassuring. I usually don't wear much makeup and wanted a natural look for my lips, which is what I got. And she made me feel as comfortable as possible—her anesthetics work great and I hardly felt a thing. I've had body tattoos before and this was a piece of cake next to getting those done! When I went back for my permanent eyeliner, I wanted a “bolder” look and she did that for me, too. I’m very, very ticklish, so the only thing that bothered me a little was the tickling sensation from the machine’s vibration (but it definitely didn’t hurt). I would do this again anytime. Thank you Laura for making my crazy life easier!” —Dana H., Fitness Club Manager

Full Face (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Color)
“As a busy single mother of two teenagers, permanent makeup has saved me time and money. I love my permanent eyeliner and everyone at work loves it too. It was surprising how it didn’t hurt—I mostly felt a vibration! Although I did have some minor discomfort during the lip procedure, the benefit was worth it. It’s also really nice to not see the old scar in my eyebrow anymore. These different processes are amazing! As a medical professional, I was very impressed with the comfortable and relaxing environment of your office, your computerized equipment, and your strict adherence to disease control guidelines. I felt totally at ease and completely safe in your hands. Thanks for the peace of mind and freedom to wake up wearing makeup!” —Traci I., Radiology Supervisor

Letter from an International Patient:
“Dear Dr. Reed,
        I just love my permanent make up. When I put mascara on, my eyes look so done up. I feel and look FAB…A perfect job. Everyone says “You look great”. Friends have asked, “Have you had extensions on your lashes?” That is because of my makeup. I wish I could yell from the rooftops. I am so pleased and feel as if I have a new lease on life.
I am blessed at being a retired nurse that knew a few options. I even worked for a well renowned plastic surgeon and could have had any procedure done at just the cost of the drugs, etc. I am now 68 and my feelings are that we do grow old, but I wanted to grow old naturally. Now I’m telling women, “Don't go under the knife, there are other choices”.
My cousin who lives in Canada had permanent make up done and I could not believe the difference in her face. It showed me that without surgery you could achieve the same changes as a mini face lift. I decided there and then to have it done and since I was coming to California started my search. I wanted someone who was a professional…I would not have had this done if I had not found someone who was qualified.
As you know I trusted you and relaxed because I knew I was in capable hands. This is a medical procedure and to me should never be done by someone who does not have medical knowledge. Being a doctor you were able to advise me, keep me pain free and provide my follow up care. I did feel like a patient, not a “client”.
Thank you so much for being the best. You impressed me with your professionalism, your graciousness, your caring ways. The time and patience you took to find the right colors for me, etc. I would not have found that in a salon no matter which continent I tried. I will stop in each time I come to town. Please continue your great work, you are indeed an artist. Yours sincerely, Joan A., Retired R.N., Scotland”

Scar and Skin Camouflage
“Dr. Reed, I want you to know how very happy you have made me with the skin camouflage tattoo. I don’t have to hide my Vitiligo spots any more with my moustache. It was wonderful to be able to shave for the first time in years—I can be me again. I just had the best Thanksgiving in many years, so thank you for your gift!” –Luis A., Construction Business Owner

“Dr. Laura Reed did a great job hiding a scar in my moustache. For most of my adult life I’ve worn a moustache to hide a scar in my upper lip. But there was a small area where the hairs wouldn’t grow. It wasn’t really obvious to others but it bothered me. She tattooed “hair strokes” to blend in with the other moustache hairs and now the scar is not noticeable. I’m very pleased with the results.” –Fred R., Financial Planner

Posted online review (Insider Pages):
“I wanted to cover up some old surgical scars and the tattoo shop where I got body art said I needed permanent cosmetics. But I could only find it in hair salons or nail shops which weren't impressive. My neighbor got permanent makeup from Dr. Laura Reed. She was really happy and looked great so she referred me to her clinic Artistic Cosmetic Solutions. I saw Dr. Reed for a free consultation and was impressed with her photos. She was experienced and explained the scar camouflage process thoroughly and honestly. I was also happy that she is a doctor doing the tattooing plus she is an artist. She uses the safest equipment and knows a lot about mixing colors. I got scar camouflage done and later some needling treatments for acne scars. Her prices were really fair for the time she spent and quality of work. She genuinely cared about helping me look better which I do, plus I feel better about myself. Dr. Reed is really cool and her work is awesome.” –Victor C., Technical Support Representative

Quality Results
“The majority of us have not ever had permanent cosmetic procedures. But I have...several times. Permanent makeup and the technicians we choose is a very important and serious decision. This is permanent, ladies. Embrace qualified, licensed professionals. Do your homework and ask, ask, ask questions. If you are lucky enough to meet Dr. Laura, your results will be amazing. Otherwise, the results could be disfiguring and maybe even deadly. You can trust Dr. Laura to provide you with a beautiful job and the highest of standards.” —Donna R., CEO of Escrow Company

Comfortable Procedure
“My recent experience with Dr. Reed was excellent. What I've learned is that there is a difference—the properly trained, ethical technicians use pre-numbing topical anesthetics before they start tattooing, and they add more topical anesthetics during the process. I didn't feel that the proper anesthetics were used my first time around by a different technician at another place (it was so painful). I wish I had done more research before, but at least now I know someone (Dr. Reed) who does an excellent job and does not cut corners.” —Libby C., Bank Teller




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